A place for your dog to spend the day with their furry friends in a fun & supervised environment.

What is Play School?

Play School is our answer to dog day care in Sydney! A place for your canine companion to spend the day with his furry friends, play, learn new skills and relax in the care of our professional staff.

Our philosophy is simple. We take a holistic approach to dog care and believe every dog deserves a life of enrichment and social interaction. We take great pride in providing the best possible care and experience for your dog in a custom built dog day care designed for interaction, safety and fun.


Your dog must know the basics such as 'sit' and recall commands. They must also be up to date on all core vaccinations, as well as a topical or oral flea preventative.

Some of the benefits:

- Exercise, play & socialising with other dogs,
- Prevention of destructive behaviour & anxiety,
- Relief from boredom & loneliness,
- All-day supervision by friendly staff.

Who can play?

All non-aggressive small and medium dogs that have been spayed or neutered are welcome at Play School. Puppies are welcome once they reach 16 weeks and have had all the required vaccinations.

Walks? Walks!

Dogs who come to Play School get walks at no additional cost. Most dog day care don't take the dogs out on walks, but we think that regular walks are an important part of every dog's day!

With a growing number of abandoned dogs in the Australia, we welcome rescues of all shapes and sizes. Once you have adopted them for 30 days and they have been given a thorough health check by your vet, they are more than welcome to join the Paws of Fun family. All adopted pets will receive a 10% lifetime discount on all of our services.

Unfortunately, dogs that have previously harmed or shown threatening behaviour towards another dog or person cannot join Paws of Fun.

Like What You See? We’re Just Getting Started


What to Expect?

A lot of work goes into our day at Play School - taking into account each individual dog's needs and temperament. Because we spend time getting to know each and every one, we can ensure a positive atmosphere all day at day care.

7:00 AM
Doors open and all dogs arrive with lots of excitement at this hour. We don't crate our dogs so they all run around to greet incoming friends in the morning with tails wagging and loads of barks.
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
5:45 PM
Treats? $10. Daycare? $44. A tired, happy dog? Priceless.

5-Day Pass

FULL DAY - $250

  • Daily Walks
  • Fun & Social Interaction
  • Indoor & Outdoor Spaces
  • Constant Supervision
  • Photos & Updates

5-Day Pass for adopted dogs

FULL DAY - $235

  • Daily Walks
  • Fun & Social Interaction
  • Indoor & Outdoor Spaces
  • Constant Supervision
  • Photos & Updates